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2009-07-15 00:00:36 by sompm-dude

okay, found the disk, installed, great. blah. the end. If I can get my lazy butt to start animating, some crap should appear. I just figured out that I don't know how to rotate in motion tweens and I've forgotten how to do sound. time for internet tutorials, whee.

stop reading now.

flash again: w00t!

2008-11-28 00:04:53 by sompm-dude


after my multi-year struggle with the internet, I have finally found a registration number for flash MX. I do own flash, but about two years after buying it my computer f***d itself and I had to wipe the hard drive. once windows was re-installed, I thought "oh, I should re-install flash! I left the case over-... crap."

and my search began.

at my house and on the internet, I searched for a registration number. I eventually found the disc, but it was in a jewel case. for TWO YEARS a number was nowhere to be found. then, (miraculously) I googled it once more and Lo! a simple yahoo answers had a number sitting right there. I freaked out and then went to grab my disc- wich also wasn't there. no problem for me. when there's the internet, there's a way. it took about five minutes to download the MX installer (though apparently, both 7 and 6 were called MX.If anybody has a 7 iso(or uif) or the installer, please contact me ASAP) and get rocking! expect some awesome new stuff pretty soon.

sompm out.

flash again: w00t!